Our Mission

Pound Paws is a registered charity dedicated to saving animals  in need of rescue in the Montreal area. Many of these animals are on death row in shelters or pounds.   Our group is in constant contact with the shelters, evaluates the animals if necessary and networks them with rescues in Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes, serving as facilitators to find spots for them before the deadline is up.

We are completely run by dedicated volunteers and incur no administrative costs. All funds collected go directly and completely towards helping the animals. Pound Paws has been operating since 2012, saving over 1500 dogs so far.

Transport Partners

Quite often, the animals we rescue require urgent veterinary attention as soon as we find them. The shelters are typically unable to provide this, which usually would mean a death sentence, but we do whatever possible to save each of the animals we see.  We partner with two transport networks to get animals to their rescue placements, once a spot for them is found. Usually, animals are on their way to the rescues within 24 to 48 hours. Our transport partners are Freedom Drivers and Critter Cabs, both mainly operating along the 401 corridor.

How to Help

If necessary, we pull the animals from the shelters or pounds ourselves to buy them more time, and board them in a local facility until a typically foster-based rescue spot is found. Any donation towards veterinary care, pull fees or boarding costs will help us help those animals.

We are always in need of transport crates to get the animals out of the shelters and to their rescues, in addition to leashes, collars, and blankets. If you would like to help us help the shelter animals, please consider a donation via our Help Now page, or contact us via our Facebook Page for in-kind contributions.

Registered Name: Réseau Secours Animaux Pound Paws Animal Rescue Network Pound Paws
Business Number: 701528697RR0001

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