The Pound Paws Team thought that it would be a nice idea to update our community members on some of the things that have been happening last week. Not everything we do shows up on our Facebook page…As always, none of this would be possible without the support of the rescues we collaborate with or the support of our community.

Both dogs that were hit by a car found rescue very quickly and now have their surgery or surgeries behind them. We wish them a speedy recovery  and are so very happy that they are both getting a second chance. Our gorgeous Eclipse went on her Freedom Ride to the East Coast yesterday, accompanied by four cute little puppies escaping any possible BSL issues. Thug was transferred to boarding and is now waiting for his flight to the rescue. We placed a husky x girl that was really scared at the pound initially and we are transferring another to the safely of boarding so he can have a little more time to find a rescue. Pictures and updates to follow for sure! And we heard that Bella is doing well and enjoying her doggie playgroups! Have a great week, everyone!