How we help

Pound Paws is a registered charity (Registered Name: Réseau Secours Animaux Pound Paws Animal Rescue Network Pound Paws, Business Number: 701528697RR0001),  100% volunteer-based organization dedicated to saving animals currently in need of rescue, focusing on the Montreal area.  Many of these animals are on death row in shelters or pounds, with deadlines of days or even just hours. We do not discriminate for age, gender, or breed of the animal as long as future quality of life is possible. We rely solely on donations to cover our costs.

We are completely run by dedicated volunteers and incur no administrative costs. Having operated for five years now, our goal for this year is to expand our collaboration to include additional shelters and locations.

Why we are needed

While our rescues partners might have spaces available (especially in areas with less pressure on the shelters), they are typically unable to visit the shelters themselves daily because of the distances involved and resource constraints. Quite often, the animals we rescue require urgent veterinary attention as soon as we find them. The shelters are typically unable to provide this, which usually means a death sentence for the animal. If necessary, we pull dogs or cats from the shelters or pounds ourselves to buy them more time and board them in a local facility, until a typically foster-based rescue spot is found. Once an animal has a spot in a rescue, we coordinate with two volunteer transport groups that relay the animals to their rescues. Our evaluators are seeing the animals daily, and can often react to a call for help from the shelter right away and we are able to send evaluations and descriptions of the animals to all of our approved rescues very quickly. In extreme cases, we get the animals out immediately if possible.

Dog in a shelter

Our Team

We are completely run by dedicated volunteers and incur no administrative costs. All funds collected go directly and completely towards saving the dogs.  Our core team is in constant and immediate electronic contact at all times, which allows for efficient team work and quick responses. Our manner of operation allows us to care for each animal individually as needed, while enabling us to build strong collaborations with a steadily growing number of rescue organizations, shelters and pounds. We ask that visitors to our site to please not contact rescues on our behalf about specific dogs in need posted by us elsewhere. We contact all approved rescues on our contact list for these animals, and will find them a spot if at all possible. For information on how to help, please  contact us via our Facebook Page or email us at,, or

Our core team consists of the following volunteers.

Sylvie Charlebois
Karen Hillsdon
Sabine McConnell
Tony Stocks

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