We are currently running a GoFundMe campaign for the first time to help us cover our expenses so we wanted to give a bit of a more public overview of what we do, to show you how we use the donations we receive (including those that reach us outside the GoFundMe campaign). These are just some of the animals we help or helped with this year, we will add them to the top of the page as we allocate funds to them. We are able to help a substantial number of animals without financial commitment, possible only because of the tireless members of the rescue community we work with to get the animals to safety (all of which, including us, donate their time). The animals shown here are some of those that would have been left behind, this year, without your support.

This year has been such a busy year, but we are determined to save them all if at all possible. You will see more dogs here than cats because we don’t have to pay release fees for cats, and typically board dogs only. All donations go directly towards the expenses associated with the care of the animals that find their way to us.




We will try to update this page as often as possible, for accountability. Thank you so very much for your support.


  • days in boarding for various dogs for 2019, as of June 30:  275+ ($20 each)
  • number of release fees for dogs due or paid in 2019:  55 ($65 each)
  • number of cats saved from a gassing pound in 2019, as of June 30:  TBD
  • number of dogs helped in 2019, as of June 30: 171
  • number of dogs saved from gassing pound in 2019, as of June 30: 55
  • veterinary cost in 2019, as of June 2019: TBD
  • number of rabbits saved in 2019, as of June 30: 10
  • number of rats saved in 2019, as of June 30: 24

animals supported financially, beginning  June 27, 2019

boarding cost

boarding cost, will require veterinary care asap.

pulled from a full pound on last day. Is in boarding and will require veterinary care asap. Pull fee paid

Pull fee paid. Sinbad the day he left the pound. 

Pull fee paid. Rose on the day she left the pound.