How anyone can help

  • By fostering for or adopting through your local rescue
  • By raising awareness about the fate of many animals in Canadian pounds and shelters
  • By donating new or used leashes and collars
  • By donating towards pull fees ($65 per dog), boarding fees and vetting care for our animals in need

The pull fees are at the discretion of the pound owners, and are charged by the pounds to release a dog, even from death row. We do not charge any fees for our service, and the pull fees are typically covered by the rescues. Other animals do not require a pull fee. For dogs that will be difficult to place or require urgent care (for example, pregnant dogs, senior dogs, injured dogs, or breeds that are banned in some provinces or cities) it helps substantially if the pull fee is covered by a donor, since the rescue can then allocate that money towards care of the dog.

Frequently, we also have to pull an animal from the shelter ourselves, if its time is up and a rescue spot has not been found. For those cases, we urgently rely on donors to help us cover the cost of boarding the animals.

On occasion, the animals in the shelter require urgent veterinary care. For many shelters, this cost is prohibitive, resulting in a death sentence for the dog. Donations towards medical expenses help us help these animals.

How to donate to help the shelter animals in need of a rescue

  • via the Donate button on our site
  • via cheque or money order (please email for our address)

We will gladly accept donations of new or gently used

  • dog collars and leashes
  • plastic crates (including airline-approved travel crates)
  • towels
  • toys
  • items for our online auctions

To donate supplies, please email us at or contact us via our Facebook page. We will be in touch with you regarding our mailing address, and can even schedule a time and location for pick up or drop off if we have a volunteer in the area.

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